The artistic board of Fischer

Meet the artistic board of Fischer, siblings Lilja, Jónsi and Inga Birgis, along with boyfriends Sindri, Kjartan and Alex.
They made the music, perfume, photographs, video work, art, graphic design and so much more!

More products are being developed as we speak that will come to the store next year!

The managing team of Fischer

Meet Sigurrós, the youngest sibling of four and also the manager of Fischer and Eleni the talented architect who designed the interior of Fischer.

We are so thankful for these ladies and couldn't have asked for a better team! <3

The construction team of Fischer

Meet our father Birgir and his older brother Hreiðar. They built their first houses side by side in Reykjabyggð, Mosfellsbær in the 70´s and have been helping each other make their kids crazy ideas come to life ever since.

This talented dream team built everything in Fischer and we couldn´t love them more for it! <3

Polly Ambermoon

Polly Ambermoon is an herb specialist with a Masters degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and has a passion for traditional herbalism.


She formulates and handcrafts unique, high quality skincare products for Fischer by synergistically combining handpicked wild Icelandic herbs, traditional Chinese herbs, and organic botanical oils to create biochemically active blends designed to boost cellular processes, balance the body's natural oils and stimulate skin and hair health.

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