Back Pain - Pillowcase


This beautiful handmade decorative pillowcase is inspired by an old remedy for back pain.


Drawings by Ingibjorg Birgisdottir of Icelandic medicinal herbs that form the remedy for back pain. The remedies are taken from an old Icelandic book called Íslenskir Þjóðhættir:


Remedy for back pain;
One advice is to wrap a piece of twine around the back of a corpse, before it is lowered into the ground, and then tie the twine around the patient.
You can also smear the back with primary bull’s bile and horse marrow or burn a dogs skull to ashes and rub onto the back.
Another advice is to boil honey and sheep milk and pour onto the back. Bile from a three year old bull is also supposed to be good. It is advised to place an eagles claw on the back, right claw on the right side and left claw on the left side depending on where the pain is.

Made in Iceland

Decorative Pillowcase: 'Back Pain'

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