Fischer Face Mask

With all natural ingredients including clarifying powdered botanicals, handpicked wild Icelandic herbs and detoxifying clay, this gentle nourishing herbal mask leaves your face feeling smooth, soft and refreshed.
Nordic Kelp contains vitamins and minerals to help remove toxins and hydrate the skin, whilst Icelandic Birch leaf is rich in antioxidants for skin health and healing. Powdered rose hips, calendula flowers and aloe vera provide soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.

Directions of use:

Add 2 tsp of water to 1-2 tsp of powder and mix into a paste in a small bowl. Apply to face avoiding eyes, nostrils and lip areas. After approximately 10 minutes, wash off with warm water and/or wet face towel.


Handmade in Iceland


Face Mask

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