Fever - Blanket


Drawings by Ingibjorg Birgisdottir of Icelandic medicinal herbs that form a remedy for fever. The idea is that when you wrap this blanket around you it has a very healing affect. The remedies are taken from an old Icelandic book called Íslenskir Þjóðhættir:


“If someone suddenly took ill from fever or some other sudden illness, the first thing was to try to make him sweat it out by giving him a good amount of a concoction of Juniper berry oil, turpentine- or anise oil, then tuck him under several thick blankets and make him cover his head.”


Jónas Jónasson frá Hrafnagili. (1934), Íslenskir þjóðhættir. Reykjavík: Bókaútgáfan Opna.


Fischer Blanket