Illustration of an old Icelandic remedy


Print on off-white munken paper


Remedy in aid of childbirth;


Since there were no doctors or trained midwives, people had all sorts of tricks and remedies for aiding women in labor. Here are a few. Place arctic root in the womans bed so it touches her bare skin, burn sulfur under her nose; give her one spoonful of dogs milk; make her drink sea mayweed or shepherd´s purse soaked in wine; place the herb on her navel; scrape agate into wine and give her drink, or let the agate soak in water for three days and give her the water; you could also burn the agate under her nose. Place an eagle feather under the childbearing woman or on her stomach, place an eagle’s egg under her back, if she has a goose feather under her head and feet, works immediately; give her another womans milk to drink; lay moonwort by the womans side, but take it away as soon as the child is born. One trick is to tie a victory knot over the woman, preferably three times in a row. But the most reliable thing was to have the Lausnarsteinn (releasing stone).


Made in Iceland.


Size: 50x70cm

Icelandic remedies - Childbirth

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