KLUKK - Sigur Rós in Bells 7"

KLUKK - Sigur Rós in Bells 7"


Klukk - Sigur Rós in Bells 7“

Of the many amazing performances that came together for Sigur Rós’s Norður og Niður festival last Christmas in Reykjavík, one of the best and least predictable was the standout contribution of the local hand-bell choir, Bjöllukór Tónlistarskóla Reykjanesbæjar.

Krunk are happy to announce that Bjöllukór Tónlistarskóla Reykjanesbæjar have recorded their finest Sigur Rós covers and present them as Klukk – Sigur Rós in Bells, a beautiful 7” vinyl illustrated by Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir (Jónsi’s sister). It features a visual representation of the sonic wave-form of a bell viewed through old camera lens. 

“Klukk” is Icelandic onomatopoeia for the sound a bell makes when struck. It is also used when tagging someone in the children’s game “It”

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