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      Jöklalykt - 30 m - Fischersund X 66°NorthIn celebration of Glacier Friday, November 24th, 66°North and Fischersund drop Jöklalykt, the latest collaboration between two iconic Icelandic brands, captures the distinct essence of the disappearing Icelandic glaciers that can only be experienced when long dormant earth buried beneath the ice comes into contact with the fresh, cold air.

      This limited-edition perfume is inspired by the intricacies of changing nature, climate challenges and the delicate balance we face in the future. Key notes include crisp fresh air, earthy geosmin, wet dirt and petrified wood.

      Jöklalykt is only available at Fischersund 3 in Reykjavik, at 66°North stores, and online at 66north.com.

      Sculptures floating in salty water.
      Distant rumbles disturb the heavy silence.
      Ancient soil under ice, waiting.
      Wet socks, runny nose, condensed breath.
      Humbled amidst the endless white.
      Landscape carved, minerals released.
      Heavy glass sheets.

      Each scent Is packaged in a silk scarf designed with the contour mapping of Iceland's biggest glacier, Vatnajökull.

      Headed to London or Copenhagen soon? A dedicated installation will also be built in both the 66°North Regent Street, London, and Sværtegade, Copenhagen stores, mirroring the glaciers shrinking.

      Get yours now before it’s gone.