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      Founded in 2017, Fischersund is a family-run perfumery that harnesses the creative expression of siblings J6nsi (of acclaimed post-rock band Sigur R6s and self-taught nose), Lilja, lngibjorg, Sigurros, and their partners Sindri and Kjartan.

      The brand ID is brought to life at the flagship shop located in downtown Reykjavik (Fischersund 3), through artisan fragrances, tailor-made music and ethereal visual arts. Hand-crafted perfume making is at the brand's core using high-quality Icelandic oils, hand-poured and sustainably packaged in Iceland.
      As scent and sound evoke memories, each perfume transports through a harmonious composition of nostalgia, poetry, and music. Visit the shop to encounter the signature scent experience - an immersive, guided journey through each scent complete with bespoke schnapps leaving senses uplifted.

      Fischersund sells fragrance products inspired by the clean, unique nature of Iceland using herbs and oils harvested in the Icelandic wild via the most environmentally friendly solutions and materials for the modern lifestyle. Jonsi is the nose and has a passion for perfumery following a self-taught journey of learning (one of his fragrance organs is in the Reykjavik shop). 

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