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      The artistic board of Fischersund

      Meet the artistic board of Fischersund, siblings Jónsi, Lilja, Sigurrós and Inga Birgis, along with Sindri and Kjartan Holm. They make the unique music, perfume, photographs, digital art, fine art, graphic design and so much more! 


      The managing team of Fischersund

      Meet Ólöf the chief of operations at Fischersund. Erla, our social media, marketing manager and production operative, and Rachel, store manager and storyteller. These women are an essential part of the family at Fischersund.

      The family

       Meet our father Birgir. Along with his brother Hreiðar they built their first houses side by side in Reykjabyggð, Mosfellsbær in the 70´s and have been helping each other make their kid's crazy ideas come to life ever since. Birgir is also responsible for hand making all of our incense. This talented dream team built everything in Fischersund and we couldn´t love them more for it!

      Meet our mother Guðrún, she holds us all together with her loving support and good food.  We couldn’t do any of this without her!