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      Fischersund býður ykkur velkomin í ilmupplifun í verslun sinni í Fischersundi 3 þar sem við byrjum á heimagerðum snapsi með lækningajurtum eða te-i og svo förum við á vit ilm ævintýra. Við skyggnumst inn í heim ilmgerðar og bjóðum upp á leiðsögn um sýningu okkar Hliðarheimur Plantna sem opnaði á Hönnunarmars.


      Join us at Fischersund for private tours at our downtown Reykjavik boutique, where we host small groups and private fragrance consultations by appointment. These unique sessions are booked in advance (usually while the shop is closed), run about 45 mins to one hour, and encompass a true fragrance escape. 

      Clients take part in an incredible scent journey that envelopes our approach to craftsmanship through local ingredients and our artisanal ways. These unique experiences are guided by one of our Fischersund family members, including our revolving scent exhibition, and a tasting of our signature Icelandic Schnapps.

      We offer two levels of Scentsorial Tours:

      • The Ultimate Fischersund Experience includes a guided scent journey and exhibition, Icelandic Schnapps and a small Fischersund gift. 4,900  ISK/per person. To schedule and purchase, click here.
      • The Fischersund Fragrance Journey includes a guided scent journey and exhibition, and Icelandic Schnapps. 2,900 ISK/per person. To schedule and purchase, click here.

      Please note, once Scent Tours are purchased and scheduled, no refunds are available. Customized group experiences and larger parties (up to 15 guests at once) can be reserved by contacting rachel@fischersund.com.